Who’s the Advertiser Anyway?

Content by Terry L. Gray

Advertising firms take a lot of pride in their ability to be creative with advertising and companies invest in that creativity. But give me one more ad with guinea pigs rowing a boat in a fish tank to keep a computer running and I am going to lose it. Whose Commercial Is That Anyway??

Did this company ask themselves…? What does it have to do with what I am selling? Premium’s also: Why spend any money on a giveaway that isn’t creative, useful or relative to your product or service just because it’s cheap?

It takes talent to brand and market a company or product in a way that speaks to consumers in a creative, relative and ‘memorable’ way which moves them to buy it. This is the point right? Given all of this, when the respective ad agencies presented these ideas why did nobody on the client side ask “Since we are spending all this money to market ourselves, shouldn’t we at least try to say or show something relevant to what the offering is?” Or perhaps that is too much erring on the side of common sense these days.

Then again, it might be that I am missing some amazing new marketing concept that will soon be revealed to all, and it will make me look extremely silly, although I sincerely doubt it. It’s best to stick to the tried and true ways of advertising to your customer. It’s not to say you should not be funny or original, but you spend money on commercials to brand your company and to sell a product or service.

Here for you are four essentials every advertiser should remember;

  1. Have A Call To Action. NEVER forget your call to action, tell customers to visit right away and give them your contact information. (Website, Address, Phone Number, etc.)
  2. Be Relatable. They have a problem, you have the solution and not just any solution you have THE BEST solution to their problem.
  3. Consistency Is Key. Use your logo, a jingle, a slogan, something so that people will recognize your company the moment they see or hear about it.
  4. Plan Ahead. So maybe you’re the best writer and director ever but that may not mean you have the time to do everything. How valuable is your time? Find a marketing firm or advertising agency to help you put your project together the right way.

Now while you are considering these words I would like to extend an invitation for you to come and visit us. Ah ha now you see that I practice what I preach! Behind this informative and hopefully amusing article is a team of dedicated marketing professionals over at DirectionWorks Inc. We are a small business marketing firm that does pretty much everything a company needs with years (and years) of combined experience and higher education behind it all.

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Written with the collaboration of these great minds:

Terry Gray (Owner) & Victoria Gates (Director of Interactive Marketing)

Content by Terry L. Gray

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