Strategic Business Development: Vision

Content by Terry L. Gray

The second strategic business development statement is your Vision. What started you in business? When creating your vision statement include a detailed description of your passion, how you envision your company product and/or services playing out into the future. A Vision Statement is your foundation, your constitution, your dream – where you see your business in the future.

The DirectionWorks, Inc. vision is to serve small to medium business ready to grow with the best and most comprehensive direct marketing services. We stand apart from other traditional marketing agencies because we understand, care and strive to help our clients reach their long term goals through marketing. Our vision is to be the resource for marketing services to small and medium sized businesses throughout the United States.

As Diana Scharf Hunt once said, “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” What are your goals and dreams, the ones that make you want to run around laughing and dancing like a kid in a candy store? Any business that has celebrated any great successes in life started first with clearly defined goals.

Writing a vision statement coincides with a mission statement and they go hand-in-hand. Where a mission statement is crisper and targeted to your end-goal, a vision statement should stir emotions, and engender a get-to-it attitude in people. Vision statements are truly meant to be bold, to inspire clients and customers, to energize your employees, and to create a mesmerizing picture (vision) of where you see your business going in the future.

Content by Terry L. Gray

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