Strategic Business Development: Mission

Content by Terry L. Gray

There are strategic business development statements that should be part of your business; the first is your Mission Statement. No matter how long you’ve been in business having this in place is great foundation for your company now and for its future. A Mission Statement tells what the company is about and where the founders want it to go. It’s not written in stone and can evolve over the course of the business.

At DirectionWorks: Our mission is to be the marketing firm where small to medium businesses can access marketing experts, tools, resources and solutions all in one place: To diligently create, innovate, learn and evolve as a company and service to our clients. To always bring the most effective services to our clients we must also give the very best of ourselves through our work, approach challenges as opportunities and recognize the importance of marketing to our client’s success.

A mission is about more than just business goals of course. Your mission statement should describe the legacy you wish to leave behind. The mission statement should reflect the core of your inner-most values and should motivate you and your employees when read. It should be the jumping-point from which all other decisions are made for the company.

Why does your company exist? (Don’t say to just make money that’s only partially true and you know it…) What is it supposed to do to better your life, the lives of others, for your country, and even for the world? If you think a small business can’t impact the world you only have to do a little research to find out that some of the smallest businesses in the world can have big impacts.

Small business and big corporations alike were stepping up and making donations to Japan and the Tornado devastated communities after the natural disasters of 2011. I (Victoria @ DirectionWorks) know this because I live in one of those communities. Just down the street from me were entire subdivisions destroyed by an EF4 tornado, thankfully we were not in a badly damaged area ourselves. I will never forget how both the tiny local business owners and corporations were working side-by-side to bring relief and help to my neighbor’s families.

The point of that story is that it is those moments that change the world and have the biggest impacts. It’s not how much a company made that year, or how big the office building is that will be remembered, it’s that free benefit concert that restaurant held to raise donations while at the same time freely feeding the displaced families in need. It’s the smiling faces of those families when trucks full of volunteers from the big corporations showed up with chain saws and water to help get things cleaned up and sorted.

Your mission is about who you are, not what you could make.

Content by Terry L. Gray

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