Achieve Business Success with Do It Yourself Marketing

Achieve Business Success with Do It Yourself Marketing If you have decided to go into business for yourself, then congratulations because your ambition has allowed you to branch out into the exciting world of entrepreneurship, and you no doubt have many questions about how to get your business going, how to attract clients, and how do-it-yourself marketing can help you save time and money. Your first question might be, “Where do I... Read More

Business Planning For A Rainy Day

Business Planning For A Rainy Day I can’t be the only one… After a few of weeks being (mostly) out of commission, it reminds me why we express to clients that they ‘Can’t Be the Only One!’ When we’re consulting we often discuss the value of your time, doing those things you created your business on and investing in professionals to help with the rest so you can focus on that which... Read More

Business Etymology of Etymology

Business Etymology of Etymology I am (as are the DirectionWorks Inc. team members) continually in personal development ‘class’ filling my mind with ideas, inspirations and techniques. Lately I’ve focused on persuasive speech and writing techniques and I’m actually enjoying the area of etymology of words. Etymology is not the history of a word but how the word changes its meaning over... Read More

How Much Should You Invest in Marketing or Advertising?

How Much Should You Invest in Marketing or Advertising? What percentage of income should you invest in marketing? What if you’re a start-up business and want to know “How much should I invest?” Or what if you have an established business that has never consistently tracked how much you’ve spent on marketing, how your marketing works, or had a consistent marketing effort. You can look all over the internet... Read More

Customer Experience and Consistency

Customer Experience and Consistency If your first experience was very poor… would it be your last? Customer Experience and Consistency are components of marketing: This past week my plane had a layover at the Atlanta airport and I was hungry! I spotted a favorite fast food chain restaurant and I headed right for it. Unlike my many, many excellent experiences at every other location, this (very long) line was... Read More

Best Value Marketing Tools

The type of business you have depends on how you should attract customers. Using ‘any’ way possible is not always the right answer. Today using social, mobile and email tools are very inexpensive and sometimes free, so why doesn’t everybody use them? Why is it that businesses still do not have a customer email list after all this time, and will they treat... Read More

What is a Small Business?

The DirectionWorks Inc. slogan is “Marketing for Small Business”. So, what is a small business anyway? The Small Business Administration (SBA) shows most industries as having less than 500 employees and/or no more than 7 million dollars in sales (see: A Micro Business or micro-enterprise is a firm with fewer than... Read More

Strategic Business Development: Vision

The second strategic business development statement is your Vision. What started you in business? When creating your vision statement include a detailed description of your passion, how you envision your company product and/or services playing out into the future. A Vision Statement is your foundation, your constitution, your dream – where you see your business in the... Read More

Strategic Business Development: Mission

Strategic Business Development: Mission There are strategic business development statements that should be part of your business; the first is your Mission Statement. No matter how long you’ve been in business having this in place is great foundation for your company now and for its future. A Mission Statement tells what the company is about and where the founders want it to go. It’s not written in stone... Read More

Who’s the Advertiser Anyway?

Who's the Advertiser Anyway? Advertising firms take a lot of pride in their ability to be creative with advertising and companies invest in that creativity. But give me one more ad with guinea pigs rowing a boat in a fish tank to keep a computer running and I am going to lose it. Whose Commercial Is That Anyway?? Did this company ask themselves…? What does it have to do with what I am selling?... Read More

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